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What’s the Difference Between Fused Glass and Stained Glass?

From GlassDesign

Fused glass is glass that has been placed and fired in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1,100 degrees to 1,500 degrees farenheit.  The temperature used during firing determines the result.  With Tack Fusing, lower temperatures are used to join together multiple pieces of glass without changing the shape of the glass.  With Full Fusing, higher temperatures are used resulting in multiple pieces of glass being absorbed to form a single piece.  A Slumping technique can be used to soften the glass and allow it to conform to the contour of a mold placed underneath the glass to create bowls, trays and other curved items.

Stained glass, unlike fused glass, is held together within a framework called a came.  The came, usually made of lead or copper, acts as a framework to which the glass is soldered.

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