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Beginning Fusing 1
In this class, no experience is necessary. Glass cutting, glass behavior in the kiln and color coordination, will be the focus. The student will learn how to put a glass pattern together and get it ready to fire in the kiln. Each student will make a minimum of four coasters as their class project. Instructor will fire the pieces for them and they will be able to pick up their finished product (usually) within two to four days.

Beginning Fusing and Slumping 2
This class requires no experience. In this class, the student will get the same basics as described in the “Beginning Fusing 1” if it is needed. Additionally, more in depth details will be provided on pattern layout and color coordination. Also, the students will get to see what glass does in the firing process. The pieces (measuring 10” X 10”) will take into account the influence of surface tension on the firing process. The glass can either flow (if too thick) or contract (if too thin). Also, the students will see the different effects of opacity, translucence and transparency on the firing process.


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