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What’s the Difference Between Fused Glass and Stained Glass?

Fused glass is glass that has been placed and fired in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1,100 degrees to 1,500 degrees farenheit. The temperature used during firing determines the result.

Paul’s 10 Commandments of Fused Glass

Glass fusing experience is measured by number of kiln firings, not years. You get double credit for experimenting – which you should do continually. Your glass scraps and kiln shelf margins can teach you more than any class or book

What is Fused Glass?

There are many forms of glass art. Fused glass is one of them.The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects can be created by melting glass in a kiln. That simple idea is behind hundreds of techniques.

Fused Glass

Fused glass, as the name implies, does not normally require heating the glass all the way to the liquid state. In a basic fusing process, the object will start as multiple pieces of glass heated enough that they bond together.

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