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Creating and Teaching Fused and Slumped Glass Art

I Create and Teach the Art of Glass Art

Daniel Johnese - Glass Art Artist

Daniel Johnese

I have been working in glass since 2001. I had the privilege of taking the first class in glass blowing taught at the new Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC). For the next seven years I studied under many of the top glass artists in the world; including Davide Salvadore, Stephen Powell, Patty Grey, Nancy Callen and more, who taught intensives at PGC.

My Approach

I love to experiment with color and pattern and use a variety of techniques including boiled glass, strip construction, woven glass, murrini construction and raked/combed glass. Many of my designs are based on quilts.

In 2006 I took a fusing class and decided that it was better suited to my abilities and interests. I worked with a Pittsburgh artist, Jeff Phelps, to deepen my skills in this form of glass work and soon became Jeff’s teaching assistant. Then in 2007 I had the opportunity to teach a number of classes myself. For the next decade I continued to study under renowned artists but due to a move to Fort Collins, Colorado, I did not know any glass artists in the area and I was unable to build my own studio until I found space in 2018 at the Fort Collins Creator Hub.

Daniel Johnese - Simply Glass Art

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